Thursday, 4 December, 2008


Once, in my 12th grade class, I asked my students what do they expect from their teachers, what should teachers be like. Of course, when I put forward such a question my primary intention was to give them a practice in modals . Plus, I would get to know their ideas and help them in critical thinking. And pat came the responses –

A teacher should be friendly.

A teacher should be sincere.

A teacher must not punish the students.

A teacher should not tease the students.

A teacher should be supportive.

The answers were all predictable and went on smoothly. And then, came a mind blowing response –

“Teachers should love their life and job, and celebrate it too.”

I was surprised by the answer and asked my student why did he say so. Though he never expected a ‘why’ from me, he gave an explanation. He said, it was too frustrating to be in a class where a teacher had a sullen face. The students would enjoy the classes only if the teachers did so.

Sometimes it is the unpredictable student-responses that spell out the right kind of philosophy.