Wednesday, 20 August, 2008


What follows below is a message that my friend, Rakesh wrote to our students on the Independence Day. I think this message needs to be spread all across our learners with a great positive energy. Do make a promise to yourself and to your learners , for the world is awaiting a better you.

Independence to Interdependence

Dear friends,

The department of English congratulates you for being the future citizens of the largest democracy in the world, as the nation celebrates its 62nd Independence Day.

Let us remind you that the freedom you breathe today had been the dream of millions of Indians who fought for it. We are extremely happy to join you to commemorate the heroism and patriotism of our freedom fighters on whose sacrifice we enjoy this unlimited glory of independence. We take this opportunity to remind you that the future of our nation rests on your shoulders and wish you the best to take up the responsibility successfully.

However, let us remind you that the world around is marching ahead faster than we imagine and the value of independence is slowly evolving to a higher value called interdependence. No individual, society, culture or nation exists in isolation today. The success of any individual or nation lies in its ability to collaborate and work together with other individuals and nations for creating opportunities and wealth. The message we want to give you on this occasion is the message of “interdependence.”

We also recognize our role as educators and our responsibility to make a difference in the lives we touch. We are convinced that the world of unlimited opportunities and wealth requires an interface for individuals and nations to come together and collaborate to unlock the hidden value. Fortunately, the global interface for collaboration is the English language. The department of English pledges its commitment to make a difference in your lives by empowering you with the ability to communicate successfully in English.

Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, 17 August, 2008


I think, there are two categories in which we can broadly divide our learners..

One, those who need extra time to work and

two, those who need extra work to time.

The slow learners and the ones who work after class hours to support their family belong to the first category. There is a need to pace down for them as they need more time to grab their learning. And in the course, if they could achieve only 3 objectives in 10, it is worth. Definitely, they would reach the 10 in their own pace. (But we are too impatient, aren’t we?)

The next group is those from the higher end, who can take up better challenges... They need to be given some tough tasks to meet with. Or else classrooms would be the most boring places for them. I remember one of my students once said that the school was a dull place for him, as it offered nothing challenging.

Unfortunately we all work for an average. We pull some of them up from below or pull some others down from above to maintain a mediocre standard. Trying to create uniformity may lead either to monotony or to frustration.

That means to have a better standard we need to face the needs of different learners in different ways.