Friday, 22 February, 2008

As good as Inuit…

It was in my school days, that I learned about Inuit – the people who lived in the northern extremes of the globe. It was surprising to learn that what surrounded them was only ice – huge, massive blocks of ice. Also they had a claim of a few patches of grass and a limited number of animals. Yet they survived … Igloos emerged out of ice, animal bones transformed into weapons, animal skin clothed them perfectly and kayaks carried them across waters..

Later in my school – this time, as a teacher - when I looked to see what was around, I saw the same… immense blocks of ice... vast expanse of ice… the ice of theories and plans – learning theories, teaching strategies, the most advanced curriculum plans, changing policies, intellectual discussions .. Every teacher in the state of Kerala might have seen the same. With a limited infrastructure and an almost zero technology, most of them blanketed themselves in whatever available. Yet there was a minority who was as good as Inuit – inventive and creative enough to cut the ice into customized building blocks, constructing igloos for their learners.

This blog is dedicated to those teachers who are enthusiastic and experimental in and out of their classrooms. Here, I would share my experiments, experiences and thoughts on teaching. Since I’m a teacher in English, the focus would be on Teaching English. I invite your suggestions, comments and ideas.Anyone who wishes to come out of their blankets is positively welcome.